Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks inside awakens.

~ C.G. Jung ~

Important news about Ayakasha!

Unfortunately we have to inform you that some big changes have taken place. Mandy and Ronald are going their own way for now and therefore from now on there will be no more ceremonies under the name Ayakasha. Future ceremonies will therefore be conducted by Mandy or Ronald separately under their new name. For a clear explanation read below.

Ayakasha ~ we are grateful to you!

Life is like a journey. A journey in which each one of us walks a path on this beautiful Earth. A journey in which we may have experiences, gain insights and thus learn our lessons. The trick is to stay connected to everything around you in wisdom, love, contentment and happiness, even if this sometimes involves trial and error.

The paths of different travelers cross regularly. So did the paths of Ronald and Mandy. It became a beautiful encounter. A fruitful encounter from which Ayakasha was born. A center where with love, knowledge and devotion workshops were given with Holy Master Plants. The universe ‘has its ways’ and our the paths will part in peace. We will each journey on with Ayakasha deeply rooted within us. The wonderful beautiful foundation that has been laid and the hundreds of amazing healing ceremonies, experiences and memories of you we each take with us. Ayakasha will always live on in our work and be immortalized in the cosmic memory of the Akashic field.

We remain friends. Together with the spirits of the plants we will continue to develop. Each in our own authentic way. From Ayakasha two new paths arise…. read more

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Sacred Plant experiences

Travelling using the Sacred Plants is a special experience. An experience that cannot be compared to any other experience in your life. We at Ayakasha do our utmost to give you an unforgettable journey. Some of the participants in our retreats and ceremonies have described their experiences. Read more...

Preparing for Ceremony

If you drink tea from the Sacred Plants, it is necessary to prepare for this. You do this preparation on a spiritual and physical level. By preparing for the ceremony you are already tuning in to what is to come during it. It is advisable to follow a diet a few days before the ritual ... read more

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