Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks inside awakens.

~ C.G. Jung ~

Sacred plant medicines & therapy

Welcome to Ayakasha Netherlands. Ayakasha is the practice where we work in a holistic, therapeutic and neo shamanic way with sacred master teacher plants, in combination with various forms of therapy (breath- and body work, sound healing). Our ceremonies are accompanied by highly skilled and experienced guides in a safe and loving environment. The Master Plant Medicine is well suited as a therapeutic tool, it brings healing and insight into the physical and mental processes of the individual. Our locations are located in beautiful natural and quiet environments. Outside the ceremonies this way there is the possibility to get more in touch with yourself and nature and to experience deep relaxation. The ultimate goal of Ayakasha is to allow man as an individual and humanity as a whole to heal and grow to its full harmonious universal potential.

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Sacred Plant experiences

Travelling using the Sacred Plants is a special experience. An experience that cannot be compared to any other experience in your life. We at Ayakasha do our utmost to give you an unforgettable journey. Some of the participants in our retreats and ceremonies have described their experiences. Read more...

Sacred Plants are for

Anyone looking for meaning and/or personal and spiritual growth. To cure disorders or optimize your well being by learning how to use your emotional, spiritual and creative potential to the max. Processing of loss or other grief and healing on both the physical and mental level. To contact one’s Higher Self... read more

Preparing for Ceremony

If you drink tea from the Sacred Plants, it is necessary to prepare for this. You do this preparation on a spiritual and physical level. By preparing for the ceremony you are already tuning in to what is to come during it. It is advisable to follow a diet a few days before the ritual ... read more

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